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Chocolate Milk Body Crème

Playful & Sumptuous - A Nurturing Blend

Chocolate & Vanilla Extracts, Cocoa Butter, Safflower Seed Oil

They had such an overwhelming response to the Chocolate Milk Body Wash & Bubble Bath that Philip B® felt compelled to make the decadent, full-sensory experience last all day. A rich, happy smell – their blend of the finest Chocolate and Vanilla Extracts made deliberately subtle and sophisticated in a crème – is backed by potent botanical hydrators like Cocoa Butter, Aloe and healing Milk Proteins. Great for kids, even better for your inner child.

Relive the happiest memories of your youth with rich, aroma-therapeutic Chocolate Milk Body Crème. Sumptuous ingredients of Chocolate & Vanilla Extracts, Cocoa Butter & Safflower Seed Oil impart healing moisture, leaving your skin feeling supple, while seducing your senses.  Milk Proteins are added to the formula to enhance its performance delivering extra healing benefits to your skin.  With Chocolate Milk Body Crème, you will feel soft, smooth and glowing with rich, radiant moisture.  Think of Chocolate Milk Body Crème as your innocent indulgence in your daily life! A perfect complement to the yummy Chocolate Milk Body Wash & Bubble Bath.

Paraben and Phthalate Free

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