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Creme of the Crop Lite Hair Finishing Crème

Intense Shine & Conditioning With Supple Hold

Taming to curls, and defining to wavy and straight hair. PHILIP B® Crème of the Crop "Lite" Hair Finishing Crème - Paraben & Petrolatum Free Formula defines a finished style with supple hold and shine. Silk Proteins, Hydrosoy 2000, and extracts of Carrot and Vanilla make PHILIP B® Crème of the Crop Hair Finishing Crème - Paraben & Petrolatum Free Formula conditioning and calming, helping to manage unruly hair. A dab of this multi-purpose hair finishing and styling crème smoothes out frizz, calms down flyaways and shorts-out static! When applying, please, use a fine mix of imagination and common sense.
Paraben & Petrolatum Free Formula

Philip’s 4 favorite runway styles, plus his tips on how to get the look:

* Long, chunky waves : Mist leave-in spray conditioner on damp hair; then rub some Crème of the Crop "Lite" between your palms and smooth it from the mid-shaft through the ends. Shape your hair with your fingers and let it air-dry to create silky, effortless waves.

* Choppy, short cuts with texture and volume : Smooth a dab of Crème of the Crop "Lite" between your hands and run it over the ends of dry hair and any problem spots. The product will cool on contact, locking in a touchable, piece-y effect.

* Deep side-parts + major gleam : Add a touch of volumizing mousse to the top layers before you style, and blow your hair straight with a round brush. Apply Crème of the Crop "Lite" at the end for fine-tuning: It will instantly smooth out flyaways and gloss up the ends.

* Ruffly, layered bobs : To create natural-looking lift at the roots and bump up shine, mix a dab of gel and Crème of the Crop "Lite" and massage it through your hair before styling. The end result: A sexy, perfectly rumpled look with lots of depth and sheen!


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