prawduct® - hair care that delivers the star treatment!

prawduct® is an all-natural hair care collection developed by one of the entertainment industry’s premiere hair stylists. Robert Hallowell, ‘the kitchen beautician,’ spent three years of research and development to formulate prawduct® from the highest quality natural ingredients. If the ingredients were any fresher, you’d have to keep the bottles in the refrigerator.

Every prawduct® contains:
Honey Fruit Complex® - combining essences of apple, orange, grapefruit, lemon and honey, to moisturize, provide antioxidant protection, seal the hair cuticle and pH balance to deliver high shine and maximum conditioning.

Herb Garden Complex® - blending rosemary, basil, chamomile and fennel (a natural sunscreen) to energize and stimulate the scalp while volumizing the hair and adding even more shine. Also helps repair split ends and enhances natural highlights.

“prawduct® smells great, feels good on the hair and enhances its manageability. Here’s your ticket to hair with maximum body and sensational shine worthy of a standing ovation.” Robert Hallowell.

Awaiting new prawduct® from our supplier.


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